Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pictures from Ebeye

this is Dijo. Dijo lives right next door to the construction site. over the last six months Dijo and i have become friends. he often is the first person to greet me on the way to the construction site. last week when it was pouring down rain i saw Dijo standing on the street, under a broken umbrella waiting for me. he wanted to walk me to the site under his umbrella so that i could stay dry. the smile on his face in this picture is exactly the way he made my heart feel. how can a child with so little be so happy? i haven't that answer, but i'm happy to have such a kind and happy friend.

didn't your parents teach you not to play with sharks? mine didn't have too. i'm pretty sure this kid didn't get that life lesson. last month a group of kids were coming down the street chanting and jumping around ( not that unusual for ebeye ) i walked over to see what the children were celebrating about. this kid ( two pictures down ) had this shark in his hands. he was holding the shark by the tail and had the sharks head in an old cardboard ice cream container filled with salt water. apparently they were playing in the ocean when this guy was swimming around. instead of fleeing the scene, the children decided to capture this shark. as you can imagine, the shark was the one who was wishing that he could leave. children of ebeye 1 shark 0.

same kid.... rides his bike around with a chicken as his hood ornament. does anything really need to be said?

last and most certainly least. apparently this guy had somewhere to go and he needed to take these pigs with him.

more pictures to come soon. a special thank you to Jude and Jakob Cunningham for visiting the blog and trying to figure out where Ebeye is on the globe.