Friday, October 1, 2010


There is a very fine line between love and hate. Both words stir up strong emotions and they both trigger hidden feelings when prodded.Some thrive on love. Others love to hate.So with this brief explanation behind us I make this declaration: I LOVE this bike. When i was a young boy i used to dream of the day that i owned my own bike.I wanted a bike that had lightning bolts tattooed on the chassis.I wanted my bike to be so fast that when i was peddling down the street it felt like i was on the verge of flying. I wanted a bike that would make my classmates pause and reflect... then go home and re-write their letter to the north pole. I never owned THAT bike, but i own this one- a girls bike from japan. As far as i know, no passerby has ever been left jaw dropped and wishing that they were in my shoes. Oh people are smiling at me as i peddle by, though i've yet to figure out why. I have a light on my bike but no light(ning) bolts. It's all the things i never wanted in a bicycle, but i've never appreciated a bicycle as much as this one.It's my ride. When the air is cool outsde just before sunset, or early in the morning before the island is awake, i go for a ride and there is peace, refreshment. Every song playing through my headphones is just a little prettier than i had remembered, and all the thoughts in my head become a little clearer than the night before. And while i'm fairly sure that somewhere in japan there is a girl that is "missing" a bike very "similar" to my bike, i can't help but wonder if she would love or hate to know that somewhere on a little island in the pacific there was a boy who when he went on these rides felt transported back in time, to the days when he would peddle as hard as he could and he'd feel the wind against his face as he prepared for takeoff.


  1. it's great for carrying beer, and hand grenades too.... if only they had those on this island.

  2. Louis sure misses her, even though he's not a Japanese girl I think he had the same feelings you expressed. fly away Matt!!

  3. haha Matt rides a girls bike! A little bit like Brand (the Goonies)...

  4. Sweet ride. It's free from petrol and doesn't smoke profusely like my van does at stop signs. And the backdrop and scenery? Seriously! They're muses for postcards and poetry. I really should consider vacationing in the Pacific.

  5. matt, i'm sorry that as small children i had one over on you. my blue bike was to die for. (which i almost did a few times i remeber)

    it was good to hear from you over the ringer last week. sorry i didn't get a chance to pick up and talk to you in person, but i hear you'll be back soon to the wonderful island nation of griffin. i hear there's going to be a parade because the locals think you're a war hero.

    did you hear the falcons won the superbowl? wait... what year is it where you are? i think it's like 30 years in the future where i am and kate is still single.

    we'll be down to griffin in january for sure to visit. your brother was desperate enough to schedule me for a talk there. hopefully we'll get a chance to catch up.

    keep up the posts my friend, you're a delicious writer and hope all is well.


  6. matt- you have a way with words my friend. everything you write either makes me want to laugh or cry. i love your bike and the basket. please have someone take a picture of you on this wonderful bike. funny how the small things in life mean so much more when we get old and/or living on a small island in the middle of the pacific ocean. yes you are the old part of that. ;)
    miss you! love you! and we're gonna stuff you with soooo many nachos when you get back!

  7. You are now ready for Silver Comet my friend. And we are ready for you. If only 0000123456 were a two-way line.

    Miss you.


  8. if i bring that bike home i'm definately taking it to the siver comet.
    see you in a couple of weeks.