Saturday, June 19, 2010

A View From The Afternoon

1st picture- view from missionary home looking north. 2nd picture- fridays end of the week group photo)

here are some pictures from friday. this is the view from the roof of the missionary home. work wise, we have finished decking and putting up the guardrails on the missionary home, monday we'll finish forming for the roof pour and we'll begin placing the steel mats. i hope the pictures give you a good idea of how beautiful this island truly is. love you all very much... even you stephen!

3rd- johnny, sami, & melani hard at work. 4th-view from the westside of missionary home)


  1. Matthew!
    How great to hear from you and what beautiful pictures!
    Please keep the updates coming as often as you can given your schedule. We love hearing from you....
    I told you Nadal would do it in the French Open...he's the best on clay, my friend.

    The Italians have only two points after getting a draw in their first two matches. If Paraguay wins then Italy can get to the Second Round with a win or a draw. But if Paraguay loses their next match, Italy must win (nothing else) or they're out.

    There's your sports update for now.

    Love you, man. God's blessing on you and the entire crew as you continue your fine work.

    Cousin Joey

  2. Keep the updates coming! I have two more update for you in the sporting world. France is giving up in the world cup.... (apparently they still do that)... Federer almost lost his first round today. He was down 2 sets and Falla had four break points at 4-all in the third set and was a single point from serving for the match. But he could not convert any of those chances. Falla actually served for the match in the fourth set, could not convert. Federer ended up winning the 5th set 6-0.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. hey cousin joe! so nice to hear from you! thank you so much for the updates, i hope you and leigh are doing well. thank you for checking out the blog, i'll try to keep the pictures coming. everything is going very well in kosrae, this already has been an amazing experience. love you and hope to talk to you soon. go federer! .... hey jahret, it's also great hearing from you! how are you? how's the gang? please send my love to all. keep me updated friend:)

  4. Matthew!
    Hope you're doing well and the project is running smoothly.

    Italy is out, losing to Slovakia 3-2. They'll be back though playing their usual great football in two years time at the Euro Cup!

    Right now, Paraguay, Portugal, Argentina and Germany are looking very tough but there may be some surprise teams coming forward.

    John Isner (a UGA grad) played Frenchman Nicolas Mahut in the longest match in Wimbeldon history (11 hours over 3 days) maybe the longest match ever played in any tournament, not tie-breaking set score was 70-68, don't know if this link will come through but here it is:

    Take care, Matt, and continue to soak in an unforgettable experience....Cousin Joey