Friday, June 25, 2010

Island Of The Sleeping Lady

kosrae is known as the island of the sleeping lady. the locals say that if you look at the main island from one of the smaller islands( lelu island) you can see the silhouette of a woman lying down. decide for yourself. when you watch the video the camera will star at her head and well... work it's way down. i also posted some still photos of the main island and of lelu harbor. say what you will of the "sleeping lady", but on the evening when i took these photos i couldn't help but appreciate how fortunate i am to have visited this island. it is breathtaking more often than i can express or relate through these images. i'm a fortunate person.... wish you all were here, miss you all very much, even you jordan:) love, matthew


  1. Gorgeous pictures thing I couldn't get over in the video was the lack of highway and automobile noise....the quiet was actually startling....hard to imagine that there are still places like Kosrae.

    more of the mundane but all-important sports news...US vs Ghana Saturday and Germany vs. England on Sunday promise to be very good matches...teams are in the second round, the knockout round leading up to the quarterfinals.....Roddick had trouble early on against Kohlschreiber but came out with a win and Federer continues to look effortless on the you, man....cousin joey

  2. I really appreciate the photos and can't wait to get there in 3 weeks. I had two dreams this week about the island. And I was even speaking Kosraean in one of them. I woke up thinking, "Inek pa..." (My name is...)

    Can't wait to see The Sleeping Lady for myself.

  3. Hey brother! It's unbelievable the places that exist and we that we don't ever think about those hidden Beautys, and you may be lucky that you are there but we are lucky that we can see these lost worlds thru your eyes! Love you matt

    ps thanks for actually missing me!