Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jony Be Good

jony medina. first off, i think jony has removed an H and an N from his name for one of two reasons-
1) he is lazy
2) mexican is his first language and the nuances of the english language were to much for his H&N

Whatever his reasons are for omitting letters from his name the world may never know, but i do know this.... jo(h)n(n)y medina is a really solid guy. born and raised in el paso texas, jony has made a career for himself in construction. he's had the opportunity to travel around the world as a construction volunteer( ecuador, bolivia, and kosrae to name a few) as a result there's hardly a project nor problem on the site that jony can't handle. these accolades alone are impressive, but even more impressive is the person that he is. many times we'll come home from work and jony will go into the kitchen and make an authentic mexican dish for everyone in the house. one day jony went fishing and caught a 30 lb wahu, he brought it home, cut it up, and shared it with the entire group. he was also the first out of the construction volunteers to muster up the courage to give a talk in kosraen. what was impressive about this was not the elegance in which he spoke( there was none to be found), but when you looked at the audience and you saw the locals smiling from ear to ear, hanging on every word he said, you knew that he had touched their hearts. the point of this is not to shower mr. medina with praise but it's to point out that his skills as a worker pale to his talents as a human. he is a good man and the crew & kosraens will miss him very much.

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