Saturday, July 3, 2010

The "Rise" and "Fall" of the Mangrove Crab

disclaimer: some crabs died in the making of this post. if you do not want to see any crabs meet their maker do not watch clip one. otherwise... let's eat!

the mangrove crab- they are vicious little buggers, they are feisty, ornery, and they want to do you harm. if one of these guys nip you, you will be more than sad. we came home from the meeting wednesday night, with shock and horror we discovered that four crabs had escaped and. there were three crabs in the kitchen, one of the crabs(the guy in the first clip) had ripped off one of his brethren's arms, backed himself into a corner and prepared for a battle with the humans. as clip one shows... he eventually lost. but i salute this mangrove crab. he had gall, he was courageous, and he was a valiant fighter. more importantly though... he was delicious. i like to think that this mangrove crab was also a hero. in my mind i see him on that late wednesday night, encouraging his fellow crabs, imploring them to make their push for freedom. and when they finally escaped, i like to think that he ripped off the arm of his fellow crab companion, not out of cannibalism and pure unadulterated hate, but because his friend needed help. he needed help escaping through the small opening in the screen door. he knew what he had to do. a missing crab and a claw lying on the kitchen floor is proof, that on this island, on that wednesday night, there existed a crab that was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. now watch the video clips!


  1. Hi Matt!
    Hope the project is continuing to go probably heard by now that Nadal won Wimbledon...Federer was knocked out of the tournament by Czech, Tomas Berdych. But Berdych couldn't outplay Nadal.

    The four remaining teams still standing in the World Cup are Germany and Spain (a rematch of the EuroCup championship two years ago) and Uruguay and the Netherlands....Germany looks the strongest of all four teams, obliterating England and Argentina in their last two matches....I promised to keep you up to date on the sports news while you're away but this stuff pales in comparison to the important work you're doing....God's blessing on your continued work, cousin.

  2. I find it pretty funny that Lady Gaga is playing in the back ground. But they sure looked delicious. Looks like you are having a great time over there. We all miss you!

  3. Matt!! Just checking out the blog and want to say hello!I'm sitting in your house as i write and must say its pretty nice here! How are the 6 day work weeks going? I gave the things you needed to steven,let me know if you need anything else and i'll ship it.Call me when you can. Joe

  4. miss you too jahret. even the people in kosrae need a little lady gaga!

  5. Matt...this is Joe cook..why are you not responding to my emails?