Friday, July 16, 2010

The Crew Goes For A Hike

monday july, 12 was a rare day off for the construction crew. everyone had worked so hard on the roof pour, the overseers thought it'd be nice if we had an extra day to recover. some one in the crew (shem) thought it'd be a nice idea if we all went on a hike... up a mountain! relaxing it wasn't, but entertaining it was. as we trekked up one of the mountains of kosrae we came across several japanese caves from the war, there was a waterfall, and handful of breathtaking views ( mostly because we climbed so high and it was hot as heck and we couldn't breathe) but breathtaking they were. all in all we had a great time and it was neat crawling into the old bunkers and finding the remains of japanese soldiers! that last part about finding remains was not entirely truthful. hope you enjoy the pictures! final note- thank you all for your kind comments, sorry i don't respond to all of them but it's really great hearing from all of you. love you guys! krista, email me


  1. Dude! I've been following this thing since You sent me the link, sorry this is my first comment. I so wish I was there to move the tree and pour the roof with you guys. What an awesome experience! It moves me to want to say "Jehovah is the man!" but that would be an insult. I suppose it would be more appropriate to say "Jehovah is the God!" As a side point I think the hero crab should be dubbed "Crambo."

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Matt its Lacey. I know, I know, I posted this comment as anonymous and then said right away who I am. Your blog is great, I feel like I just relived the roof pour and the hike all over again! And I have decided that you are almost as good of a storyteller as Travis. I am just wondering why you haven't told the folks back home the truth about what happened to zippy.........poor, poor zippy. And oh yeah, tell them about that fateful night when you had security duty. Oops did you want to keep that one a secret??

    I'll post again when I can think of more Kosraean secrets you are trying to keep.......

  3. Hello Matteo, got your call the other day. It never rang, I just got a message from number 000012345. It was good to hear from you, and your updates on the blog are great. This September just won't be the same without you. You can be sure that we will all pour a little rusty nail out for our homie on opening day.