Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kinyeir Fulat (Lelu Ruins)

lelu ruins

you may have read in the jan 8th awake 2001 of the nan madol. nan madol is just ruins now, but hundreds of years ago it was a thriving citiy in pohnpei micronesia. the ancient city of nan madol is much larger than the ruins of kinyeir fulat here on the island of kosrae. that being said, kinyeir fulat is said to be the origin of all these tribes around the micronesian islands. regardless of who's ruins are bigger and who started what tribe where, one thing is for sure, the design, effort , and strength it took to build these ancient cities is incredible. hopefully the pictures i took of kinyeir fulat( lelu ruins) will translate all the hard work that these ancient engineers put into building and fortifying their one time fortress. if you get a chance please read that awake article. i think it will enhance your appreciation for the slideshows that follows. in the slideshow you will see ancient walls, streets, tombs of kings, and canals that were once an entry way into these cities from the ocean many hundreds of years ago.

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  1. i'd like to be the first to post here, since it hasn't been taken. my comment is... those kosreans are the shiz! i can't even build an appetite! (ba dum dum) which takes me to my second point - a bear walks into a bar and says to the bartender, "i'll have a gin.......... ................................ and tonic" the bartender says, "why the big paws?"

    thank you, thank you. i'll be here all week. in suwanee ga that is. - jamie (aka h. solo)